The Bay of Quinte Greens want to thank everyone who voted to elect Erica Charlton for public school board trustee for

We look forward to seeing her thrive in her new role.

Erica Charlton

Young, smart, and savvy – Erica Charlton was born and raised in the County where she has a wide circle of friends and family. As a girl, Erica excelled in almost every sport and competed in pretty much every sports field and arena in the County. Her memories are of biking everywhere – to the beach, see friends or stop-in at a local establishment. She knows this place, how much it has to offer, and how important it is to care for it.

Erica studied at Carleton University where she obtained her degree in Law and Psychology. At the same time, she was a highly successful retail manager in wireless communications and received many leadership awards. In her spare time, she volunteered for CKCU Radio, including co-producing and co-hosting a weekly, live radio show. Now, back in the County, Erica is the mother of a busy 5-year old and understands the issues that face us all in public education.

Erica is excited to bring her lifelong passion for learning to her new role as HPEDSB Public School Board Trustee. You can follow the latest happenings from the HPEDSB and contact your local trustees.


Lori Borthiwick,

Lori spent her career in healthcare. Over the past 5 years her concern for the environment prompted her to get involved in politics. 

In 2019 Lori was a part of the creation of the Bay of Quinte Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association. She joined as an executive Member at Large and later stepped into the role of President. In 2020 she was awarded the Rising Star award by the Green Party of Ontario in recognition of the work she has done to promote the Green Party of Ontario in the Bay of Quinte

Don Wilford,
Chief Financial Officer

Don grew up in England and moved to Canada in his early 20’s for his postgraduate studies, and spent his career working in the field of science & technology. He moved to Prince Edward County in 2013, and became a hop farmer and active community member. 

Don knows that the Climate Crisis is an existential threat, and that politics – while not the whole answer – is a partial answer to the problem. Don passionately believes in fairness and social justice. We cannot move forwards if others are left behind.

Beth Wylie,

Beth has spent her life promoting women’s rights and thus equal rights for all. She is a long standing advocate for the environment, proponent of recycling, and enjoys growing her own food whenever possible.

Her background in Kinesiology has contributed to her lifelong interest in healthy living. Beth joined the Bay of Quinte Green Party of Ontario Executive because its platform encompasses her beliefs for a sustainable planet.

Ric Jones,

Ric is an active steward of the planet and specialist in geothermal installations and energy efficiency logistics. He has spent his career connecting with others equally committed to building a more sustainable future throughout the industry.

Ric’s goal is to make the green transition as smooth as possible by leveraging environmentally friendly technology and ecologically sound business principles. He believes that success will depend on strong leadership, the ability to educate others on the benefits of green technology, and addressing concerns about ecological damage, and energy security. 

Lynne Rochon,

Lynne is an activist and caregiver who has spent her life fighting for social justice, supporting the underdog, and working to create a safe and caring society. She has worked as a member of Fair Vote Canada, as a founding member of Women of Halton Action Movement and co -founded and chaired the Quinte Council of Canadians. She continues to support PEC groups working to keep the community green and healthy. 

Lynne sees that political and social change must happen to face the oncoming climate disaster, and that the Green Party is the only political party with a meaningful plan to enact these changes both in PEC and across Canada. She would love for you to join her!

Nancy Logeman,

Nancy has always had a strong belief int he values of fairness, equality, and justice which has led her to an interest in politics and, eventually, because of her concern for the environment, to an interest in the Green Party.

She was an early member of the Women’s Place Collective in Toronto, among other women’s right organizations, and she supports equal rights for women as well as animals’ rights.

After spending most of her working life as a secretary and legal administrative assistant, Nancy is now retired and enjoys painting and writing, and taking her sighthounds to events such as lure coursing.